A Day in Lobitos: WAVES International for Her Cold Wave


It’s not everyday I read a piece on surfing from a fellow Washingtonian about a beautiful experience had in a place I myself have been planning to go to: Peru. As an alternative to many “cold water surfing to warm water surfing” pieces centered on throwing our 4/3 wetsuit, booties, hood, and gloves in a corner, this is about something more. For anyone who has an active zest for nurturing communities locally and globally, these are your allies. For all cold water surfers seeking an intersection between meaningful adventure and a warm wave experience, this one’s for you.

— Alexandra

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Rachel – British Columbia


Rachel Voth grew up in Alaska, spent time in Maui and lower mainland British Columbia, and now lives with her husband on southern Vancouver Island. She began surfing in cold water at the start of her journey as a surfer, and continues to be enchanted by the beauty and bounty that can be found around the ocean. Her favorite surf spot requires a walk through a rainforest, and she has a penchant for growing her own food.

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